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    Create an unforgettable experience

    Quality ice and good equipment make the experience even more enjoyable for the public. This is why we offer you a wide range of equipment regularly updated and actualized in order to equip and to adequately accessorize your skating rink. Skates, sharpeners, games and entertainment , decorative elements, protection items for skaters, etc., you will find everything you need to make the experience of your public unforgettable.


    Artistic, hockey, with laces or buckles, synthetics, nubuck, leather, or moulded shell, all our skates are specially designed for the rental needs.

    Ice skating aids

    Colourful walkers, penguins, bears, rabbits, seals and sliding belugas: a wide range of skating aids for little ones.

    Fixed boards

    Fixed boards are unanimously approved by professionals. They meet all expectations in terms of safety, durability and installation time.


    A range of paints selected for the quality of their rendering and for their ecological characteristics.ues.


    Helmets and protective items, crampons, thermal or electrical surface finishers: all the equipment you will need to ensure the safety of your skaters and the quality of your ice.


    Discover the Pinguino, the first machine of her size capable of efficiently hover the ice. The front position of the driver is also unique. With her powerful and elegant design, the little Pinguino is capable of great things!


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