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    Our ice mats

    Two supplier partners

    Ice World International and AST are committed to your projects. Their ice mats ensure you reliable and high-quality installations. They also share our concerns about sustainable development and environmental protection. They hold the ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Impact Management) certifications.

    The AST ice mats system

    • consists of a network of EPDM cooling mats, an adapted and efficient elastomer, ideal for temporary ice rinks
    • minimizes the risk of leakage through special fittings between carpets and tubes
    • uses a coolant that is safe for the environment, glycol water

    The AST ice mat is based on “Ice Boxes”. These galvanized steel support structures facilitate assembly, dismantlement, transport and storage.

    • Thanks to the whiteness of the upper surface of the mats, the ice of the temporary AST ice rinks is very white.
    • Assembly without gap between the pipes of the ice mat optimizes the contact between the mat and the ice, thus saving electricity and water.

    The Ice World ice mats

    • consist of a set of aluminium pipes interconnected by hoses
    • have the largest heat exchange area per m2 of all comparable ice mats
    • are ideal for flat and hard surfaces
    • use a coolant that is safe for the environment, glycol water

    Ice World ice mats are stackable and foldable. This system allows rapid deployment and simplifies transportation and handling.

    The large heat exchange surface of the Ice World aluminium mat help saving on electricity and on the amount of water required for ice formation.

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