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    Animation of your ice rink

    Unforgettable moments, a guaranteed success

    Create a real magical, friendly and family oriented space by hosting entertainment on your ice rink. Whether it’s sound, light or decoration, or organizing one-off events, we have a multitude of options to enhance your project. Original recreational activities, crazy fun, beautiful discoveries and thrills will be at the rendezvous, all of this safely!

    • Ice garden: Secured space, built into the ice rink and reserved for children or beginners (accompanied or not by a parent). There are several edutainment elements, including skating aids (walkers, sledge chairs, penguins). An entrance arch, benches, tepees, tunnels, a cone course and a multitude of accessories can be added to enhance the space. Recommended helmet port.
    • Quad circuits: For children 3 years and older. Independent circuits or installed on the ice rink directly (in less than 15 minutes). Includes circuit (inflatable equipment, edge gates), quads with batteries and chargers, accessories and storage boxes.
    • Sound and lights and thematic evenings: We propose a series of varied and quality concepts, in turn-key formula. You can also share your ideas with us.
    • Shows: Ice skating choreographies, musicals, star skating performances, combination of ice skating and circus arts, hockey games: give your audience great moments of joy, emotion and magic.
    • Decorative elements: We possess a vast inventory of decorative elements: balls, blocks, dice, crayons, oversized toys, gifts, Christmas decorations, etc.

    The “pluses” of our entertainment service:

    • the simplicity of implementation guaranteed by our years of experience
    • attractive budgets

    All the equipment proposed by Synerglace complies in all respects with the standards, regulations and legislation in force.

    —— Our products

    Management and operation
    of ice rink

    Our profession

    We can take care of, in whole or in part, management and operation of ice rinks that we install.

    We can deal with the appointment of several categories of staff *:

    • a person in charge of the site (personnel management, administration)
    • management personnel (distribution of skates, ticketing, driving of surfacing machines, etc.)
    • staff trained to supervise school groups and how to learn to skate
    • security guard (supervision of installations and of the public, day and night)
    • a person responsible for the maintenance of the trail and for the supervision of the machinery
    • a person in charge of searching for partners and potential advertisers

    * The number of people varies according to the dimension of the rink, the hours of opening and closing of the site, as well as the specific needs related to school visits or holidays.

    We can also:

    • carry out an entertainment program designed to create highlight moments on the ice rink
    • print personalized tickets in the colours of the event

    Management Modes

    • service provision (invoicing the customer the cost of operation, fixing of tariffs, income, etc.)
    • Delegated operation with risk-taking by Synerglace

    The “pluses” of personalized management:

    • a web page dedicated for event: “Slipper Fan”
    • a dedicated radio: “Ice radio”
    • games on social networks
    • Our staff is qualified for the function they hold and are trained with our working methods.
    • The same staff are registered with the mandatory bodies and have a valid employment contracts.
    • At least one of the team members assigned to your event will have received first aid training.
    • We have a civil liability insurance for employees and users of the “Organizational Civil Liability” type.
    • We take care of putting in place signs, indicative and regulative displays, as well as a first aid kit on site.
    • Our team also has the necessary emergency repair equipment and take charges of any malfunction.
    • In the context of ticketing, the necessary equipment (cash register, banknotes, collection methods) will be available to the staff and in order to carry out a job with serenity, it will also include the collection of funds and the holding of a municipal board.


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